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The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 22, 2022
The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron

If you have an iron deficiency in your body, your health may be impaired and increase the risk of anemia and fatigue and a continued weakness that prevents you from performing your daily activities with vitality and energy. Iron is an essential mineral for proper functioning of the body and can be found in various foods of animal origin as well as vegetable. Need to add a greater amount of iron-rich recipes in your diet? Then read this OneHowTo article in which we give you several of the best recipes that are high in iron which also are very healthy and delicious.

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  1. Why is iron important for our diet?
  2. Lentils with rice
  3. Spinach with chickpeas
  4. Clams
  5. Liver and onions
  6. Oatmeal for breakfast
  7. Iron-rich beetroot, carrot and orange juice

Why is iron important for our diet?

Iron is a prerequisite mineral for a good healthy body, because it is a basic component of hemoglobin, which is the blood protein responsible for transporting oxygen from the respiratory organs to cells and tissues.

In addition, an iron deficiency in your diet can lead to, among other things, tiredness, fatigue, suffering from headaches, difficulty concentrating and one of the most common conditions such as anemia, and in many cases this can be solved or prevented by adding iron-rich foods to your daily diet. It's also important for vegetarians to stay clear on how much iron a vegetarian should take in order to avoid the fore-mentioned conditions.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Why is iron important for our diet?

Lentils with rice

Among the best iron-rich foods we find lentils which are pulses that contribute between 7 and 8 mg of iron per 100 grams. So when cooking healthy, this is one of the best recommendations to add to your diet as well as for patients suffering from anemia. We propose preparing a dish of lentils with brown rice, an ingredient that also helps the body absorb iron better.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Lentils with rice

Spinach with chickpeas

Spinach is the most iron-rich vegetable that exists, so this can also be incorporated into your diet. Moreover, they are antioxidants and help keep your cells young. Here, we present a very tasty dish of spinach with chickpeas since these pulses also contain a significant amount of this mineral.

Doing this recipe is very simple and the result is a dish full of nutrients and when warm it is a great dish to warm you up in the winter months. To create this recipe you'll have to leave the chickpeas to hydrate during the night and boil 150 g. Cut 3 handfuls of spinach, cook them in a saucepan for 10 minutes and strain. Peel five cloves of garlic, cut finely and fry them with 2 slices of bread. Add the mixture into a bowl with wine vinegar, two spoonfuls of tomato sauce and two glasses of water and blend. Fry the chickpeas and spinach on low head, add the sauce and wait for the mixture to thicken. Your dish is ready!

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Spinach with chickpeas


Among iron-rich recipes, you cannot miss this seafood because clams contain about 24 mg of iron per 100g, far exceeding both lentils and spinach.

And a delicious way to enjoy its flavor is preparing it fisherman style, ie accompanied by a sauce that is made with ingredients like tomato, onion, garlic, white wine, paprika and parsley.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Clams

Liver and onions

There are meats which are very rich in iron too, but the most prominent is beef liver and black pudding made from red blood. However, here we are dealing with foods high in elevated uric acid or cholesterol.

There are many ways you can prepare beef liver, but at OneHowTo we show you one of the most simple and tasty ways to do so: How to do liver and onions will help you get all your family eating this tasty dish.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Liver and onions

Oatmeal for breakfast

Oats are a very complete cereal full of health benefits plus a great choice for including more iron in your daily diet. You can make it part of your routine to start the day energetically as it is a simple and healthy recipe to add oatmeal to a glass of vegetable milk (soy, almond, rice, etc.) and add, if it is to your liking, some pieces of fruit. If you do not usually drink milk with your breakfast then oat is an ingredient that can also serve with plain yogurt or even make smoothies with it. We invite you to consult the article How to eat oatmeal to see alternatives.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Oatmeal for breakfast

Iron-rich beetroot, carrot and orange juice

Another simple way to add iron to your diet is by eating some natural juices prepared from foods rich in this mineral. An example of this is the one prepared by combining vegetables such as beetroot and carrots with orange, a great source of vitamin C to promote iron absorption by the body.

To produce this juice, you just have to squeeze 6 oranges and mix the juice from beetroot and carrot cut into a blender or mixer.

This recipe is ideal for those who suffer from anemia and need to increase hemoglobin levels in the blood; and in addition to this you can find out more in the article what to eat when you are anemic.

The Best Recipes That Are High In Iron - Iron-rich beetroot, carrot and orange juice

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