How To Make Brownies Without An Oven

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 8, 2017
How To Make Brownies Without An Oven

Chocolate brownies are undoubtedly one of the richest but simplest desserts that you can make at home. They are quick to make and always successful among dinner guests, especially if served warm and accompanied by cream or ice cream. Usually brownies are baked in the oven, but luckily, it is possible to make microwave brownies as well!

Here at oneHOWTO we'll explain how to make brownies without an oven that are so delicious, you'd never believe they were made in a microwave! With this no-bake brownie recipe, you'll never have to go without your favorite chocolatey snack again.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


Making no-bake chocolate brownies without an oven is a great way to satisfy your brownie craving in just a few minutes. It is also perfect for whipping up a last-minute dessert when unannounced guests happen to stop by, or simply if you don't own an oven!


The first thing to do is to break or chop the chocolate into small pieces, which will make it melt more easily, and mix with the butter. Melt both ingredients in the microwave on average power for a minute.

If the chocolate isn't melted after one minute, melt it for 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between until everything is well melted to avoid burning your chocolate. Burnt chocolate will ruin the taste of the brownie, so make sure to melt it very slowly!

How To Make Brownies Without An Oven - Step 2

In another bowl, add the eggs and beat. Next, add the sieved flour, sugar, the spoonful of cocoa powder and teaspoon of baking powder. Mix all the ingredients by folding them until you achieve a smooth mixture.

Finally, add the chocolate and butter mixture and mix until well combined. Your no-bake brownie batter is ready!

How To Make Brownies Without An Oven - Step 3

Take a microwave-safe mold and prepare the surface with flour and butter in order to prevent it from sticking. You can use a cupcake silicone mold, for instance.

Add your batter to the mold and set the microwave power to 750 W for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, check your brownie by introducing a knife in the center of the dessert. If it comes out clean, your no-bake brownie is ready. Otherwise, leave it for another 2 minutes and check. Repeat until you have successfully made a brownie without an oven.

How To Make Brownies Without An Oven - Step 4

It is so easy to make brownies without an oven! Remember to let the microwave brownie cool before serving. We recommend serving it with whipped cream, Chantilly cream or homemade cinnamon ice cream.

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How To Make Brownies Without An Oven - Step 5

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Yeast is what makes the cake or brownies raise, therefore, you should search for flour that doesn't have this component. Wholemeal flour doesn't have yeast in many cases for example.
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How To Make Brownies Without An Oven