How to Make Cherry Gazpacho

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By Mary Smith. Updated: July 10, 2024
How to Make Cherry Gazpacho

Although it is served chilled, gazpacho is still a type of soup. For some, they might be keen to try a traditional tomato gazpacho, but think the idea of adding fruit to be one step too far. In thinking this way, we forget that tomatoes are themselves a type of fruit. Moreover, adding fruits such as melon, mango or even cherries can make for the most delicious summertime soup. The acid of the tomatoes and the sweetness of the fruit come together to provide a rich and delicious summer soup which will keep you full and refreshed.

At oneHOWTO, we show you how to make cherry gazpacho. Our easy cherry gazpacho recipe has a step-by-step method and provides some serving suggestions if you want to try it at home for yourself.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do for this cherry gazpacho recipe is to wash all the ingredients well. Ensure you choose tomatoes and cherries that are ripe and of the best quality you can find. Ideally, this means they are in season.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 1

Once everything is clean, we will prepare the tomatoes. There are people who choose to peel them. However, it is not necessary. Everything is going to be blended together, which includes the skins. You just have to try to remove all the fibrous remains of the stem and chop it into chunks. Do not use canned tomatoes for this recipe as the freshness imparts a lot of the flavor.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 2

Remove the stem and all the seeds of the pepper. If there is any membrane, remove this too as it can impart a bitter flavor. Chop and put it in with the tomato.


The onion should only provide a slight touch of acidity, so we will only use 50 g. This is about a quarter of a medium onion. Remove the skin and roots, then chop roughly.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 4

The next step in our easy cherry gazpacho recipe is to remove the stems and pits of the cherries. We find it is easiest to cut the cherry in half and pop out the pit, buy you can use whatever method you prefer.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 5

With all the ingredients prepared so far in the same bowl, add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil, a few tablespoons of vinegar to enhance the flavor and a pinch of salt to taste.


The best way to prepare this is in a standing blender, but you can use a hand blender if you wish. Unfortunately, it is not a dish which can be prepared by hand, unless you have hands of steel. Once homogenous and smooth, taste for seasoning.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 7

After all the fresh ingredients have been blended, add the stale bread and water. Continue to blend until the texture is velvety and rich. This should be around 3-5 minutes, depending on the type of bread and how much you blended in the previous steps.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 8

Finally, strain everything through a normal hand sieve. The texture should be without and lumps, like a fresh velouté.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 9

Once the mixture is ready, you will need to chill it before you serve. This should require at least 2 hours if you keep it in one container, although it may take less time if you serve it into individual bowls and put these in the fridge.


You can accompany your finished cherry gazpacho with a few pieces of chopped cherry, these will add a little texture like fresh-fruit croutons. You can add some fresh rosemary for decoration and even a swirl of creme fraiche. This will make it look professional, but also taste great if you mix it into the cherry gazpacho as it adds a creaminess.

If you fancy trying another type of Spanish soup, take a look at our recipe for Galician soup. And if you want to go all out for something filling and creamy, try our creamed courgette soup recipe.

How to Make Cherry Gazpacho - Step 11

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  • The original gazpacho usually also has garlic and cucumber. However, due to the prominence and flavor that the cherry provides, it is not highly recommended for this recipe. The cucumber can give it too much acidity and the garlic too much bitterness.
  • As with salmorejo, gazpacho proven to work very well with seasonal fruits. In this way, you can try other combinations that you may like. You can try making a salmorejo with watermelon or try a more acidic version of gazpacho with strawberries or raspberries.
  • Gazpacho is an ideal dish for summer, since it is eaten very fresh, it is not excessively filling and it is full of nutrients and vitamins. Still, for people with sensitive stomachs, it can cause heartburn if eaten in excess.
  • In addition to cherry, you can also garnish your gazpacho with croutons to achieve a crunchy and tastier touch.
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How to Make Cherry Gazpacho