How to Make Creole Empanadas - Argentina style

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Creole Empanadas - Argentina style

The so-called creole pasties or empanadas are originally from Argentina and is second only to the barbecue in the typical foods ranking of this country. Experts say that the real trick in making these Argentinian empanadas lies in the filling and in the form of cutting the meat, which is usually done with a knife. If you wish to learn how to make creole emapanadas or pasties and delight your friends, in OneHowTo we now offer all the steps so you can make a perfect recipe.

Between 45 & 60 minutes low difficulty
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Steps to follow:

On the day prior to their preparation we leave the filling of the creole empanadas in a container. Place the two ground garlic cloves together, a little paprika and the cumin and add salt and black pepper. We also need to add a little white wine and mix with the minced meat well. If you wish you can add the half spoonful of ground chilli pepper, it will give it a sensational touch!

Remember to cover it well so it becomes tender by the following day. We advise you leave it overnight to leave sufficient time until its preparation.


The next day, boil the eggs in a small saucepan. In order to remove the shell add a little vinegar to the water and you will see how you can remove it without effort.

Then, in a pan with oil, cook the meat until golden but ensure it is not entirely cooked. When you have finished, take off the heat and put aside.


For the next step, choose another pan to cook the onion, spring onion and pepper. When the vegetables are well sautéed in oil add a little white wine to the pan.

Once the alcohol has been consumed add the meat and wait until it is fully cooked. Attention! It is important that the meat of the creole empanadas are not overcooked so they are juicy when it's time to eat them.

How to Make Creole Empanadas - Argentina style - Step 3
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Leave the mixture to cool. Meanwhile, cut the egg whites and olives into small pieces that will be mixed with the meat. These two ingredients are key to the creole empanadas recipe.


Finally, when this is cooled, with a large spoon, put a little mixture in each pastry wafer. With the help of water, close the creole empanada in half, leaving the contents within it. Make sure they do not break! To close them you can use a fork to squash the edges.

How to Make Creole Empanadas - Argentina style - Step 5
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Put a pan on the heat with oil and without piling them up, put them to fry until golden.

Easy, right? Now you know all the secrets on how to make creole pasties! Who have you invited over for the tasting?

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  • The creole pasties should be very juicy. Do not let the meat dry!
  • Do not place to much filling in the centre of the pasties so to avoid them breaking and the fill escaping.

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Image: www.lasrecetasdearguinane.com
Image: www.elrincondemarimel.com
Image: www.elrincondemarimel.com
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How to Make Creole Empanadas - Argentina style