How to Make Crepes Without Eggs

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: October 6, 2017
How to Make Crepes Without Eggs

Crepes are a common and easy dish to make for breakfast, as a snack, or to serve as a dessert after a meal. You can follow the classic recipe to prepare them or you can use an even more simple way in which eggs are not necessary. This way, you're not only saving money, you'll also be saving time, as you're getting rid of an ingredient. Egg-less crepes can be a good alternative for vegans if you substitute the milk for water or almond milk.

If you'd like to know how to make crepes without eggs and give the recipe a different touch, keep on reading this oneHOWTO article and find out.

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Steps to follow:

To start making crepes without eggs, get a bowl, pour the flour and sugar and mix well. We recommend you do this by hand, as it's quicker and more comfortable.

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs - Step 1

Now, pour the milk, almond milk or water and beat well. When the ingredients have blended well, add oil to the crepe batter and keep beating.

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs - Step 2

The next step is to melt half a spoonful of butter or margarine and add it to the egg-free crepes dough. Mix it well, and when it's ready, leave it for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a pan and give it a coat of butter or cooking spray so that the crepes don't stick to the pan and heat it at medium-low heat.

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs - Step 3

Now, with the help of a wooden spoon or spatula, get some egg-less crepe batter and pour it on the pan to make the crepes one at a time. When you make crepes without eggs you'll notice they cook much quicker than regular crepes: just as the dough is turning solid and small bubbles appear, turn it around, leave it for a couple of seconds upside down and take it off the pan.

Repeat the process until you have no crepe batter left.

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs - Step 4

And they're ready! You've got your egg-free crepes ready to serve and eat. As you can see, this recipe is quick and simple, and the difference with the traditional crepe recipe is minimal.

Now's the time to make the filling or syrup: you can fill them with chocolate and cream, or make them savory with any ingredient you can imagine. If you need more ideas, at oneHOWTO we recommend the following fillings for your homemade crepes without eggs:

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs - Step 5

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  • If you're vegan or lactose intolerant, change the milk for soy milk, almond milk or water and the butter for margarine.

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This recipie was way too milky. Did not work. Use one cup of milk instead

How to Make Crepes Without Eggs
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How to Make Crepes Without Eggs

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