How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse

Banana is a very energetic fruit full of essential nutrients that are good for the health of the body; and a simple way to incorporate it in the diet, in addition to eating it alone, is to add it to another kind of dessert. How about including it as a main ingredient in a delicious mousse? You'll get a rich and healthy dessert which is also ideal for children to eat more fruit without making an effort. Pay attention to this step by step OneHowTo recipe and learn how to make an eggless banana mousse.

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Steps to follow:

To prepare this banana mousse recipe the first step is to remove the peel from the banana and cut it into thin slices with a knife. To avoid your bananas turning black we suggest you pour lemon juice over them.

How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse - Step 1

Then put the banana slices in the food blender or processor and mix until you see a kind of mash has formed. Save to use a little later.


Now whip the cream. To do this, pour the cream into a bowl and with manual or electric rods (it will be faster with the latter), begin to beat at low speed. When it has become a bit creamy, add the sugar gradually while beating and keeping the same speed to prevent the mixture from cutting. You'll know the whipped cream is ready if when you can tilt the bowl and the cream doesn't fall out.

How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse - Step 3

Once you have prepared the whipped cream, you just have to mix with the mashed banana in a container. It is important that you mix the ingredients with a spoon making steady and outflanking until you get to create a sort of uniform and homogeneous mousse. If you want to give a special flavour and some more flavour to the banana mousse, add a little vanilla, but this is a totally optional step.


Finally, distribute the mass in different moulds, cups or glasses that you will use to serve the mousse and put them in the refrigerator for at least two hours. This is the time required so that the banana mousse acquires the right texture and consistency, as well as to be well chilled for eating. And of course, you can always decorate to taste, either by adding some chocolate chips, some kind of syrup or small pieces of fruit.

How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse - Step 5

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How to Make Eggless Banana Mousse