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How to Fix Cracked Fondant Icing

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. February 17, 2017
How to Fix Cracked Fondant Icing

Fondant is a sugar based paste made from nothing but water, sugar and shortening. Sometimes, glucose or corn syrup may also be used. It is made by melting shortening in a microwave, and then adding sugar and water until the desired consistency is achieved, though it can also be made with marshmallows. When you pour fondant icing on a cake, the worst thing you can expect is a crack on it. The entire cake looks clumsy and unsightly if there are cracks in the fondant icing. When you are giving so much effort to making a cake for your loved one, you want it to look smooth and silky. Read this oneHOWTO article to get some tips on how to fix cracked fondant icing.

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  1. Understand why fondant cracks
  2. How to fix the cracks
  3. How to prevent cracks on fondant icing

Understand why fondant cracks

Before you know how to fix cracked fondant icing, try to find out the reasons of why it cracks at all. There may be several reasons for it to crack.

  1. High humidity: Sometimes, there can be humidity in the climate that may make the fondant icing to crack.
  2. Excess dryness: It may also crack if it becomes too dry during the process, or if you roll the fondant thicker than needed. How you rolled the fondant icing may also make a difference on whether it cracks or not while applying or after that. If you're trying to make fondant dry faster and put it in the oven, you should be careful you don't over-dry it.

How to fix the cracks

Here are a few quick fixes to fix cracked fondant icing:

  1. In order to fix a cracked fondant icing, you need to moisturize it further by adding a little more shortening to it. Take a look at our article How to Keep Fondant Moist to get some great tips to prevent cracking.
  2. The fondant icing should not be rolled out more than ¼ inches in thickness
  3. The fondant icing may also crack if you did not knead the fondant properly. If you under-knead it, it will end up in having cracks on the cake. While kneading it, take a pinch from the fondant and check if any cracks have appeared. If not, then you have done it right, but if you have, then you need to knead it further.
  4. While applying the fondant icing, if you see any tiny cracks appearing, try to pinch them and join them together with your fingers. If needed, you can take a little shortening on your fingers and try to smoothen up the fondant icing.

How to prevent cracks on fondant icing

Instead of fixing the cracks, you should try to prevent them from appearing at all in the first place. Most importantly, you should give proper attention to the shape and structure of your cake, and use only suitable appliances. Here are a few tips:

  • The tools that you use while making your cake should be high in quality and appropriate for the shape and size of you cake, including the turntables, scrapers, palette knives, ingredients and the cake pans.
  • Pay attention to the texture of your fondant icing as well. It should be of the right consistency, and should give the exact taste, texture, color and appearance as per your individual requirements and preferences.
  • Instead of dusting the surface with sugar, switch to shortening or cornstarch, as they will prevent the fondant icing from drying. You may also choose to add a little glycerin to keep it moisturized.
How to Fix Cracked Fondant Icing - How to prevent cracks on fondant icing

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How to Fix Cracked Fondant Icing