How to freeze Artichokes

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to freeze Artichokes

Artichokes are a very tasty food that can complement many of our dishes. However, they are a seasonal product , which makes it difficult to have them all year round. If you love this food and want to keep it longer, pay close attention. At OneHowTo we explain how to freeze artichokes. With these simple tips you can have artichokes at any time to be used to prepare delicious dishes the whole year long.

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Steps to follow:

Preparing the artichokes. To do this, remove all hard parts covering the food. In this way, we keep only the tastiest and edible part.


Then, cut the tips or stalks of the artichoke and cut it into pieces . You can cut each artichoke into eight pieces or into the size or shape you prefer.

How to freeze Artichokes - Step 2

Put them in water. You can use a bowl. We recommend using cold water so you can add ice cubes. If you want to make them tastier, you can also add a little parsley. With this trick, the artichokes will not darken and you'll no longer need to add lemon, although you can use it if you want to.

How to freeze Artichokes - Step 3

Once they have rested a few minutes in the bowl with cold water, it's time to boil them. Transfer the mixture to a saucepan and boil the artichokes. Once you turn off the heat, let them stand for five more minutes. This will make them better in the end. Then drain them.


When dry, spread out the artichokes on a cloth. This will stop them absorbing all the water and they will end up completely dry.


To the freezer! It is time to divide up the artichokes in various bags with the amounts that you consider appropriate. We recommend you do it like this, because when defrosting you can do so gradually.

How to freeze Artichokes - Step 6

Another trick for freezing them is to blanch the artichokes. Put them in warm water - that has not yet come to the boil - for three minutes. Then you should drain them on to a clean cloth and organise the plastic freezer bags.


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  • Remember that artichokes may be stored for a year in the freezer without losing their properties.
  • If you want your artichokes to last longer in the freezer, make sure you get high-quality artichokes.

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How to freeze Artichokes
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How to freeze Artichokes

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