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How to Have a Healthy Breakfast

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and if you care about healthy eating you should pay close attention to some guidelines that will really help you start your day by eating well. Because healthy eating will make you feel good and on top of that it will even help you keep your weight down if that's what you want. At OneHowTo we show you how to have a healthy breakfast and help improve your quality of life.

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Steps to follow:


A good breakfast is crucial to start your daily routine with enthusiasm and energy, hence why you shouldn't make the mistake of eating just anything and also doing so in a hurry. If you don't eat a proper breakfast in the morning you will start to feel bad and will have very little strength to face your day. This affects our concentration and our mood, because we will be lacking glucose that is needed for energy to help us keep our brain and body active.

A good breakfast gives you essential minerals and vitamins to perform well all day. Plus, if you eat healthily you will keep your weight within normal limits because you won't spend the morning snacking on foods with little nutritional value and won't be starving by the time you reach lunchtime and want to eat everything in your sight.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast - Step 1

It is highly recommended to start our day off with an orange, lemon or grapefruit juice and even with some white tea accompanied by an apple. It's a good combination that can also replace coffee if you don't particularly like it.

For a healthy breakfast you should eat fruit, so remember to eat a piece of fruit or a natural, freshly-squeezed juice with pulp. Along with fruit you can have whole grains because they are high in fiber, which will help to remove excess sugar and fat in the body, improve intestinal transit and keep us feeling fuller. Breakfast should always include some carbohydrates but you have to choose the best ones, you should never choose processed, refined grains. As for suitable alternatives there are oats, barley or wholemeal bread. In our article how to eat oatmeal you can find some ideas on how to eat them properly.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast - Step 2

To start your day off with a healthy breakfast you shouldn't mix sweet with salty, it is not recommended because it can upset your stomach. The sugar in fruit is easy to digest and doesn't stay in the body for long, but if we also have heavier, salty food, then then glucose from the fruit is stored and can even lead to inflammation.

Animal milk is best substituted for other plant types, and there are many delicious options for this. Traditional dairy ones can lead to very slow digestion and there are many studies that talk about the negative effects of milk: inflammation, migraines, intolerance, increased mucus, etc. You can have oat, almond or soy milk. It is recommended to drink a glass of milk with coffee or a yogurt mixed with whole grains and your favorite chopped fruit.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast - Step 3

If you eat toast, you can put a tablespoon of olive oil, a fresh tomato and a little salt on it. You should never have pastries, nor have bread along with butter or jam. You can also have two slices of wholemeal toast with a couple of slices of turkey breast or chicken, opt for a light cheese such as cottage cheese or make a sandwich with these ingredients that will help keep you satisfied and full of energy.

And finally, remember to leave the house with your body well-hydrated. This is essential for brain function and to release toxins. During breakfast have a couple of glasses of mineral water or you can mix it with your lemon or orange juice if it is too bitter, so that you can get the hydration you need.

How to Have a Healthy Breakfast - Step 4

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How to Have a Healthy Breakfast