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How to Make Cornmeal Porridge without Milk

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Make Cornmeal Porridge without Milk

Jamaican porridge or cornmeal porridge is ideal for your little ones. They can enjoy delicious food which is completely gluten free because it is made with cornflour. This is a healthy and very rich dessert, perfect for giving your little ones something sweet at the same time as giving them some nourishment. If you've never made this recipe, this OneHowTo.com shows you how to make baby porridge that is simple and quick to make.

Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty


Steps to follow:


Cornmeal porridge without milk is a very simple dish to make. You can make it with still water or even coconut water if you want to give it to a baby, or other vegetable milk such as almond, rice or hazelnut milk if it's for an older child, this will be especially useful if you are raising your child vegan and want to give your baby that extra protein boost it needs to start the day.


To start making this delicious Jamaican porridge without milk, mix half a cup of water or vegetable milk of your choice with half a tablespoon of cornflour, and stir it well to avoid any lumps.


Once the mixture is totally lump free, pour the mixture into a small saucepan and bring it to a medium heat. When it begins to boil, add the remaining milk and drops of vanilla essence. Keep stirring it until it's a consistent porridge but not too thick, which can take between 20 and 30 minutes.

It is important that you keep stirring it frequently to prevent lumps.


Once you have achieved the desired texture, remove it from heat and leave it to cool slightly. Serve your Jamaican cornflour porridge warm dusted with a little cinnamon. Delicious!

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  • For a good boost of protein if you want to make this recipe without milk, then your best choice is to go for soy milk, as it contains between 8 and 10 grams of protein per cup. Go for oat milk if you're looking for a healthy amount of fiber in your Jamaican cornmeal.
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How to Make Cornmeal Porridge without Milk