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How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips

Jane Bertin
By Jane Bertin. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips

Who doesn't enjoy a gourmet breakfast on special occasions - or just because? If you don't want to have an expensive breakfast out, don't worry. There is a vast world of fancy breakfast options beyond avocado toast, and it's not as elaborate as it sounds. Gather your favorite light ingredients and set a space to create a buffet; it'll be so good, you should go for finger-food versions just so that you can eat more.

No matter whether you're a sweet or savory kind of person, here at OneHowTo you'll find some great and easy ideas on how to have an elegant breakfast that doesn't require that much planning. Get to work!


  1. Drinks for an elegant breakfast
  2. What to cook for an elegant breakfast
  3. What to bake for an elegant breakfast
  4. How to have a healthy elegant breakfast

Drinks for an elegant breakfast

It's not all about cooking and baking; when you've just woken up, it's the drink that you have that makes all the difference. For an elegant breakfast you should have a fresh, chilled drink for hydration and nutrients and a warm one to give you a gentle energy boost.

Serve them in nice china and tall jars or pitchers, and don't forget to have fresh water as well. We recommend:

  • Natural squeezed orange juice: You can't go wrong with this classic continental option. If you want to make your breakfast drink even fancier, use blood oranges or tangerine.
  • Tea: Use black or green tea at breakfast, and serve in an actual teapot. A small jug of fresh milk and sliced lemon wedges will dress it up. Don't forget to stick out your pinkie finger as you drink.
  • Matcha green tea: This popular Japanese tea powder creates an antioxidant drink that releases more energy than normal tea. Here you can learn how to make matcha green tea.
  • Coffee: Don't make your usual drink - instead, take some time to prepare a latte or a cappuccino with frothed milk. Why not try out syrups or even liqueurs? They will enrich its flavor, and you won't even have to sweeten it. You can also use vanilla-flavored almond milk for extra smoothness.
  • Hot chocolate: A family favorite, it is a perfect choice to serve in an elegant breakfast - especially if you add something different, like spices (star anise looks amazing!) or use white or very dark chocolate instead.
  • Cocktails: Mimosas and Bloody Marys are the way to go.
  • Smoothies: Of course! Smoothies are delicious and nourishing, and they fit all lifestyles. For an especially elegant breakfast, go for bright and colorful smoothies made from fresh ingredients. Berries, matcha tea powder and oranges make beautiful and healthy drinks. Try sweetening with honey, which adds more richness and depth than sugar, and adding orange juice, grated ginger, or all kinds of seeds and spices. If you use yogurt instead of milk as a base, though, don't use nuts.

What to cook for an elegant breakfast

It might seem that you have to make sophisticated haute-cuisine recipes for an elegant breakfast, but that's quite far from the truth! Lifestyle trends tell us that shabby chic is in. Use cloth napkins, vintage plates and mismatched cutlery - as long as it's pretty - and serve easy and hearty foods that will comfort and see you through the day.

  • Pancakes: A great choice to go both sweet and savory. For a fancy breakfast, don't cover them in syrup - sprinkle powdered sugar instead. You can try the Moroccan version, begrhir, which uses semolina, or you can add hemp or poppy seeds to the batter. We recommend serving them with lemon and ricotta instead of cream.
  • Breakfast tacos: Serve them in the pan, with the filling ingredients - chopped grilled veggies, scrambled eggs, creamy cheese - in different bowls so that everyone can make their own combinations.
  • Eggs: A basic ingredient for breakfasts all around the world, although sadly not vegan-friendly. You can fry them, poach them, bake them into pastry eggs, scramble them, soft-boil them... Serve with chives, avocados, fresh spring onions, creamy cheese or crème fraîche, and accompany with strips of bread, not store-bought toast.
How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips - What to cook for an elegant breakfast

What to bake for an elegant breakfast

Fancy breakfast buffets can be all about bakery, but you don't have to have perfectly-polished French macaron towers in your elegant breakfast. Avoid complicated icings and dainty treats and go for whole-wheat, homemade baking; crumbly nutty toppings are fantastic to start the day.

  • Croissants: It doesn't get any Frencher! Slice and fill them with homemade jam, chopped nuts or even ice cream.
  • Muffins: It's time to face the fact that cupcakes are not proper breakfast food. Homemade, nutty muffins are something else entirely; choose sophisticated fillings like coffee or spices. You can make vegan muffins with coconut oil and almond milk!
  • Doughnuts: They might look too greasy, but if you make them yourself you can create decadent confections with healthy fillings - dried fruits are a great choice.
  • Fruit tarts: Pretty, delicate and nourishing. Learn how to make strawberry tartlets with custard to have an elegant breakfast to remember.
How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips - What to bake for an elegant breakfast

How to have a healthy elegant breakfast

You can also whip up an elegant breakfast with healthy superfoods - you don't have to forgo your antioxidants even when you decide to treat yourself.

  • Chia: Chia seed is very in - and even if it turns out to be a fad, it can still be elegant. Chia seed puddings should prepared the night before. Mix the seeds with a pinch of salt, your favorite ingredients (syrups, citrus juice or spices are common) and milk (as thick and creamy as possible) and chill overnight. Mix again and thin with more milk if necessary. Add your favorite toppings and dig in - remember to create a colorful, pretty bowl!
  • Quinoa: Serve hot, with spices and berries.
  • Granola: For an elegant breakfast bowl, toast your own oats with coconut oil. Sprinkle dried fruit (Goji berries, of course!), colorful nuts and syrups.

You can serve these cereals in big bright bowls or in a jar with yogurt. If you serve all possible toppings in different bowls everyone will be able to build their own bowl or parfait. Don't forget to have fresh sliced or chopped fruit to have a healthy elegant breakfast. And why not decorate it with edible flowers?

How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips - How to have a healthy elegant breakfast

This is how to have an elegant breakfast. If you have more easy yet fancy ideas and tips, tell us in the comments section!

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How to Have an Elegant Breakfast: Easy Ideas and Tips