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Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 27, 2022
Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk?

Sometimes known less appealingly as ‘eggy bread’, French toast is a classic egg-based dish. It is commonly popular as a brunch dish and can be served either sweet or savory. It is a dish which dates back to the Romans, but it is also known for its religious connotations. This is because it has been popular in some Catholic countries as a traditional dish for Holy Week, signifying the end of Lent. It is traditionally made with bread, milk, eggs and seasoning. You will not need anything else, but it is also known for being very versatile.

For this reason, some people wonder can you make French toast with condensed milk? At oneHOWTO, we can reveal that not only can French toast be made with condensed milk, it might just be your new favorite version of this classic dish.

8 diners Between 15 & 30 minutes low difficulty


  • For the French toast
  • For decoration
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Steps to follow:


To start with this recipe for French toast with condensed milk, first add the condensed milk to a mixing bowl. Condensed milk can be bought form the supermarket, but you can make your own at home in a pinch. Check out our article on how to make homemade condensed milk for more information.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 1

Once you have emptied the condensed milk can, fill it halfway or a little more with water. Pour the content into the container together with the condensed milk and mix thoroughly.

The water will help to mix well. Add a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and the zest of a whole lemon to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients until they are homogeneous.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 2

To combine the ingredients and obtain a mixture as homogeneous as possible, you have two options: use a whisk or an electric mixer. If you have the latter, we recommend using this appliance as it will make this French toast with condensed milk recipe even easier.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 3

After combining the previous mixture, it is time to introduce the sliced bread. You can use almost any type of sliced bread, but it needs to be stale. If the bread is too fresh and soft, it will easily fall apart when cooking. Ideally thickly sliced white bread which has been left out for 12 hours will get the results you need.

Take the slices of bread and let them soak for 20 seconds on each side, more if the bread is very thick.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 4

This is a trick which many people who have made French toast might think is wrong, but it works so right. Take the bread soaked in the condensed milk mixture and then add it to the eggs after they have been beaten. Leave them in for another 15 seconds and be careful since they are already wet. This way the French toast with condensed milk will have a truly golden eggy outside, but still be sweet and delicious inside.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 5

When you finish soaking the bread slices, you will need to cook them. You can do this in different ways, the easiest being to fry. However, you can skip to the next section if you want to know how to bake French toast.

Frying the French toast in a non-stick pan is the best option. You can used a neutral-flavor cooking oil, but the best way to cook French toast is in butter. Let a pat of butter melt in the pan on low heat so it doesn't brown and add the slices of French toast. Turn the heat up a little once the butter is soaked into the bread, flip them once and they are done when they have a beautifully golden brown marbling on them.

Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 6

If you want to make them a little lighter, less greasy and as juicy as if they were fried, opt to bake them. At oneHOWTO we help you discover how to make French toast with sliced bread and condensed milk in the oven:

  • Preheat the oven to 200 ºC/392 ºF.
  • Once hot, place the soaked slices in a baking tray or casserole dish.
  • Bake the French toast for 15 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven, flip over the slices and bake for another 5 minutes.
Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk? - Step 7

Whether they are fried or baked, wait 5 minutes for them to cool. Then, sprinkle a little brown sugar (or white, depending on your preferences) and ground cinnamon on top of each slice.

To finish, serve them in different dishes, depending on the number of diners you have. You can also add berries, sliced banana, maple syrup or any other of our favorite sweet French toast toppings.

Now you know you can make French toast with condensed milk, you may wonder, can I eat it with savory toppings? The answer is very much in the affirmative. Although the condensed milk will make it sweet, it will go deliciously with sausage, bacon or any other breakfast meat. A mixture of bacon and maple syrup is the savory/sweet combination you might be looking for.

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Thanks for this recipe; I will try it Christmas morning. Condensed milk is nice when I don't want the grainy texture of sugar in my mixture. One critique: you may want to proof read your article more carefully; there are several typos and other issues that detract from an otherwise well written piece! Have a Merry Christmas!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Angie,

Thanks for point this out, typos have been fixed. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas French toast!
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Can You Make French Toast With Condensed Milk?